High Risk MCC Categories

Last updated on May 03, 2018.

MCC stands for a Merchant Category Code, a four-digit number identifying the business classification depending on what type of products or services are provided by the merchant company. Below we have compiled a list of typical categories which acquirers and payment providers treat as high risk, imposing stricter approval terms and higher processing fees. Listed categories are known to generate higher chargeback disputes and fraud, as well as raise overall brand reputation risks. In addition there are specific MCC types for which the Card Associations (Visa, UnionPay) have established regulations by which the merchant has to be registered with them for the purpose of risk monitoring.

MCC Code Category Description
4722 Travel Agencies and Tour Operators Travel arrangements, tours, charters
4812 Telecom Sales and Equipment Telecommunication devices
4814 Telecom Services Telecommunication services
4816 Computer Network Services Internet service providers
4829 Wire Transfers and Money Orders
5122 Drugs, Proprietaries & Sundries
5912 Drug Stores and Pharmacies
5962 Direct Marketing - Travel Includes discount clubs
5964 Direct Marketing - Catalog Mail and telephone orders
5966 Direct Marketing - Outbound Mail and telephone orders
5967 Direct Marketing - Inbound
5967 Direct Marketing - Inbound Telesevices, audio & videotext
5968 Direct Marketing - Subscription Recurring subscriptions
5969 Direct Marketing - Other Radio and TV sales
5993 Cigars, Tobacco Includes stands
7021 Timeshares Rentals, leases and sales
7273 Adult Dating and Escort Various dating services
7841 Video Tape Rental Stores Adult content
7922 Ticketing Agencies Secondary ticketing
7994 Video Games and Arcades Skill Games requires registration
7995 Betting and Casino Gambling Online casino, lottery, wagers
9399 Government Services State Lottery Requires Registration